The New Natural Vitamin C Paper



An innovative kind of receipt paper was recently developed by a Wisconsin-based company called Appvion Inc. This company calls the paper Alpha Free paper, and it uses Vitamin C as an image developer instead of phenols and urea-based compounds like BPA. This new approach to thermal receipt paper will be safer for food, the cashiers and customers who come in contact with receipts, and the environment. It is a great new natural alternative! 

Cashiers who have a lot of exposure to chemicals in receipt paper may be interested in this new paper, especially pregnant women and environmentally conscientious retailers. It would be an ideal paper for restaurants, convenience stores, and co-ops looking to provide a healthy and green alternative to other thermal papers. 

This paper could be preferred to papers such as BPA that can disrupt hormones, and BPS may have some of the similar effects. However, BPS paper is yet to be tested for these. The new Vitamin C paper is encouraging for retailers and consumers who are looking at the long-term benefits of having a paper with no chance of harming cashiers and customers. It could be used on everything from luggage tags at airports to receipts at a farmers market. Customers who look for more natural components in their products will be excited to hear about a product such as Vitamin C paper. Stores that pride themselves on their green image can also capitalize on the benefits of the paper.

The paper is only one sided, due to the chemicals removed from it. However, the white backside is great for placing promotions and coupons. Vitamin C paper also has great imaging and the colors come out strong and clear. It also has a nice yellow hue from the Vitamin C, and this bright color is a clue to customers that their paper is safe and free of chemicals. Thermal paper that is recycled would often contain chemicals, but Vitamin C paper would not. When the paper is recycled, it has no chemicals to pollute landfills or get into groundwater.

At Beagle Hardware, we are now offering Vitamin C paper! You can purchase 50 rolls for the low price of $98. It’s compatible with both Epson TM-T88 printers and Star TSP 100 printers. You can find more information and purchase the paper here: