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Printer Down! But Not Defeated

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Although we would like our POS printers to live forever, it’s about as likely as floppy disks coming back. However, Epson’s receipt and kitchen printers are made to last, so it makes sense to try and keep them as long as possible.

So when a printer goes down, most retail, restaurant, and hotel owners ask themselves: What now?

Instead of throwing it off your building in frustration, try these suggestions.

Repairing is a great first idea. This is logical since many printers only have small issues, so the cost of replacement can be much higher. At Beagle Hardware, we give you a quote on the printer once you send it in. That way, you know the repair price before you pay.

Generally, if a printer is still in good condition a repair makes sense.  For example, a flat rate repair at Beagle Hardware covers shipping both ways (even expedited), any repairs done by Epson certified technicians, a diagnostic test, and a 90-day warranty. However, companies have varying repair services, so make sure you know what repair services are offered before mailing your printer.

Refurbished printers are often compared to repaired printers; however, they are different. When a printer is refurbished, technicians are fixing what is likely to break. Then, these printers are sold at a lower cost. When a printer is repaired, technicians fix what is broken.

The last option would be sending in your printer for a ‘Trade-in’ and purchasing a new printer. New printers come with better warranties and great quality, so they can be a good option. Our Trade-In program is an economic and eco-friendly way to recycle your old printers and receive a little cash too.

So the next time a printer goes down; don’t panic. You have options only a click away.

Check out for Trade-Ins, repairs, and refurbished or new printers.