Profile on Stage Neck Inn

Night-front-of-inn-thThis beautiful, family owned and operated, boutique resort is located on Maine’s beach front in York Harbor. We talked with Peter Foster, who is part of the family ownership and works daily at the Stage Neck Inn to learn more about their inn and how they use Beagle’s printers.

When was your business founded, and how many employees do you have?Peter from Stage Neck Inn

“The Stage Neck Inn is the fourth hotel that has sat on this peninsula of land. At least three generations of old hotels have sat here; two hotels burned down and one was torn down. The Grand Old Hotels of the past that sat on the property had up to 300 rooms. Back then air conditioning did not exist, so in the heat of the summers the wealthy people from the cities used to come up here to get away and enjoy the refreshing ocean breezes. These elite vacationers used to bring their ‘help’ with them too. The Stage Neck Inn today is situated on the peninsula where the old servant’s quarters were, the closest point to the ocean. The Stage Neck Inn was built in early 1970’s, and in 1982 the current ownership began running it. There are 65 full time employees and around 130 full-time employees during peak season.”

Is there a fun or interesting story about your business or your town?

“This part of the country [Maine] is very old, so a lot of weird things used to happen around here. Historically, the wealthier people lived inland. The peninsula our Inn is built on is called Gallows Point, in the very old days they used to bring criminals to hang them here. In later years, the peninsula became an area where drying stages were built to dry fish caught around the coast of York. The ‘neck’ from Stage Neck Inn could be from the neck of land that juts out into the harbor which our Inn sits on. But it could also be in reference to the hangings, you can take it either way.”


How do you use the product (s) you have purchased from us?

“We run your Micros POS printers, and we mostly buy refurbished printers. Epson printers that sit behind in the kitchen have no service agreements, so we buy refurbished printers that will work well when others get melted by a hot pan or something. Beagle’s turnaround is great, we like that we can overnight shipping service! We’ve used that a few times and it’s worked well.”

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