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Portable 101: Printers On The Go


Your business doesn’t stop when you stand up. Portable printers are now being made to be as productive as you. Mobile printing is no longer a nice thought for the future. It’s here. Bluetooth printers, printers that collaborate with Apple devices, extremely rugged printers, and long-lasting battery printers have all become the norm.

The Epson Mobilink printers are like shiny new cars: full of variety and innovation.

These printers are great for businesses that require both your hands, such as industrial companies who need printers for receiving, delivery confirmations, shipment labels, and more. These printers can be used with square readers for printing right off your phone, especially when lines get long and people become impatient.

The Mobilink P60 comes with either Bluetooth Support for iOS. This allows it to print from any Apple iDevice and the Bluetooth compatibility creates a dependable and stable connection. This connection consumes less power than WiFi and works for transactions of up to 30 feet. The Mobilink receives your critical data, and enables you to print off those tickets or invoices at all hours of the day and anywhere outside your place of business.



Mobilink P60II took this already amazing printer a step further. The industry-leading battery life on the P60II is outstanding, and can last for up to 46 hours. It also has the fastest printing in its class, printing at 100mm/second. Drop your printer while working? No problem! This guy can be dropped from four feet and keep outperforming all its competitors. The Mobilink P60 with Bluetooth Support for iOS is exactly like the P60II, and the only difference is the Bluetooth-based printing from Apple devices.

Lastly, the P80 Mobile Printer is a printer for the future. It’s lightweight, easy to use and fast, printing at 100mm/second. Small is an understatement for this guy, and the paper it prints is incredibly slim. The convenience of pairing these printers with your mobile phones for real-time data and customer transmissions to other devices makes it a true portable sensation.