Monthly Archives: October 2020

Reconfigure Resourcefulness

James Bandolini wrote, “Resourcefulness is not a means of coping with deprivation; it can be a virtue that opens the door to greater accomplishment.” And with your POS operating hardware, resourcefulness can mean refurbishing the old to last through another few years or a new OS and hardware to embark on a new business model after years of relying on conventional and traditional methods. We all find ourselves seeking to adapt for long term survival and success.

At another point during the recession in 2009, we were introduced to Kanter’s Law,”Everything looks like a failure in the middle.” So as businesses are trying new approaches, adapting their mode of connecting with clientele, developing new problems when solutions were the only preferred outcome, the best advice is still, “Do not give up!”

As Kanter points out, “slipped schedules wouldn’t be fatal flaws without another middles problem: rising negativity and slowing momentum.” So the attitude and patience with the projected goals of your organization will find the necessary guidance in the leaders and shapers of any given group. They will set the tone for staff, management, and reach through the uncertainty to the consumers to re-assure that, ‘though things are bumpy right now, as we adapt and evolve our industries, marketing, and services, we aren’t going anywhere.’ It won’t be business as usual for awhile, but business will be there through it all.