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The Sports Personalities of POS Printers

Sports and Printing

New printing technology is great. POS Printers run faster, and businesses run smoothly. However, picking the perfect printer with all this new technology can be a challenge for business owners. We hope this simplifies things.

First is the impact printer. This printer functions like a defensive lineman in football. It can take a few blows, is extremely durable, and keeps on giving. Impact printers are most often used in kitchen settings where food and heat could damage thermal printers. They have low-maintenance and low-consumable costs.

The most commonly purchased Epson model is the TM-U220B or the M188B. This printer has three different types: A, B, and D. The few differences are the TM-U220D has only a tear bar, the TM-U220A has an auto cutter and paper take up reel, and the TM-U220B simply has an auto cutter. By withstanding hot temperatures and rough environments, they have truly earned their name “Kitchen Printer”. Other impact printers are the TM-U200, the TM-U230, the TM-U295 (slip printing), and the TM-U675. Like a good defensive player, impact printers have clear intentions: print fast and print well.

Next is the thermal printer. These printers are the Michael Phelps of the printer industry. Like swimmers, they are fast and virtually silent. These printers use heat instead of ink to conserve energy and consumables, and have easy drop-in paper loading. They have high resolution images, and high speed output. High-volume retailers, hotels, and restaurants all place them near POS registers.

The high-speed favorites come from the TM-T88 (M244A, M129H, M129C, and M129B) family. The newest addition is the TM-T88V with speeds of up to 300mm/second, and 50% faster than the TM-T88IV. Ethernet, USB, and other newer interfaces are common for these printers. Cousins of these Epson thermal printers include the TM-T20 and the TM-T70. Thermal printers will keep your system flowing smoothly, and they can handle the spotlight.

Lastly is the hybrid printer. This is the tennis player, the Maria Sharapova or Rafael Nadel printer. These printers have a combination of speed and endurance. Ultimately, the combined thermal and impact components of these two printers enables them to completely satisfy bankers and retailers. The TM-H6000IV printer delivers high-speed receipt and slip printing, endorsement and advanced QuickPass™ check processing all in one multifunction printer. Like tennis players, these printers are accurate, and their 99.9% accuracy proves this by eliminating misreads and substitution errors.

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