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Why Buy Epson Ribbons and Power Supplies?

Printer accessories may not seem all that important; however, purchasing the wrong accessories can leave you with broken printers and wasted time.

Printer Ink Ribbons

For ink ribbons, you may originally want the least expensive. Ribbons from office supply stores are often less expensive; however, lower prices translate into lower quality. These ribbons come apart in the printer, shedding fibers that gradually ruin your printer.


The photo above comes from our repair department and shows an otherwise good TM-U220B printer, clogged with ribbon fibers. This printer stopped printing. The money saved on ribbons was just a down payment on a repair.

Epson ribbons have maximum durability, and this allows them to withstand extreme environments. They use a quality 5 mil nylon fabric, and the fabric welds inside are precise. The ink is tested to minimize wear.

Epson ribbons also carry an exact amount of ink for uniform and disbursed printing. Non-Epson ribbons can be made with poor-quality ink, resulting in splattering or bleeding ink and smudging.

Power Supplies

While there are many comparable power supplies available, Epson supplies stand out.

Many power supplies don’t deliver their labeled output, leading to printer outages, frequent errors and a shorter life. Thermal printers require peak power when printing at maximum speed, and Ethernet and wireless interfaces have significant power needs. Clone supplies often don’t have enough power.

In contrast, all of Epson’s power supplies are certified, thoroughly tested and upgraded frequently. Epson’s supplies are reliable and have enough headroom to power your printer and last for years.


Epson printers are known for having easy-to-use features, fast printing speeds and incredible reliability. Epson supplies have the same pedigree, and they are equally impressive.