A Tiny Chip With So Much Potential


EMV image

For many years, European countries have used a technology that the U.S. has only just begun to consider. This technology is called EMV for its initial card backers: Europay, MasterCard and Visa, and these cards contain a chip that can be used to identify their authentic user. This chip is paired alongside a PIN number the customer punches in before each transaction or a signature. This extra security measure will likely be adopted by many companies in the near future, especially after the recent Target stolen identity incident. According to Discover Financial Services, the EU has completely migrated to the new technology of EMV, and the region has seen an 80% reduction in credit card fraud while the U.S. has witnessed a 47% increase.

Credit card fraud is a real problem, and counterfeit cards can be eliminated with additional security precautions.  The U.S. has had a strong online infrastructure for years and saw no reason to adopt EMV technology. In contrast, EMV cards are the standard in Europe.

Retailers, especially smaller corporations, may have to worry about fraud more than larger corporations. This is because if fraud occurs, smaller businesses will have a harder time staying afloat. Companies that produce products like VeriFone handheld credit card scanners, know that now is the time to switch.

VeriFone has implemented this technology into a few of their products, one of which, the VeriFone VX570, we sell at Beagle Hardware.


The VeriFone VX570 Credit Card Machine works globally, so it is compatible with cards containing EMV technology. These capable printers come with a 1-year warranty, have dial-up and Ethernet interfaces, and are equipped with a thermal printer and a triple-track card reader that lets you process any magnetic-stripe cards. Their use of EMV technology allows these printers to be a great first step towards nationwide EMV implementation.

Portable 101: Printers On The Go


Your business doesn’t stop when you stand up. Portable printers are now being made to be as productive as you. Mobile printing is no longer a nice thought for the future. It’s here. Bluetooth printers, printers that collaborate with Apple devices, extremely rugged printers, and long-lasting battery printers have all become the norm.

The Epson Mobilink printers are like shiny new cars: full of variety and innovation.

These printers are great for businesses that require both your hands, such as industrial companies who need printers for receiving, delivery confirmations, shipment labels, and more. These printers can be used with square readers for printing right off your phone, especially when lines get long and people become impatient.

The Mobilink P60 comes with either Bluetooth Support for iOS. This allows it to print from any Apple iDevice and the Bluetooth compatibility creates a dependable and stable connection. This connection consumes less power than WiFi and works for transactions of up to 30 feet. The Mobilink receives your critical data, and enables you to print off those tickets or invoices at all hours of the day and anywhere outside your place of business.



Mobilink P60II took this already amazing printer a step further. The industry-leading battery life on the P60II is outstanding, and can last for up to 46 hours. It also has the fastest printing in its class, printing at 100mm/second. Drop your printer while working? No problem! This guy can be dropped from four feet and keep outperforming all its competitors. The Mobilink P60 with Bluetooth Support for iOS is exactly like the P60II, and the only difference is the Bluetooth-based printing from Apple devices.

Lastly, the P80 Mobile Printer is a printer for the future. It’s lightweight, easy to use and fast, printing at 100mm/second. Small is an understatement for this guy, and the paper it prints is incredibly slim. The convenience of pairing these printers with your mobile phones for real-time data and customer transmissions to other devices makes it a true portable sensation. 


Why Buy Epson Ribbons and Power Supplies?

Printer accessories may not seem all that important; however, purchasing the wrong accessories can leave you with broken printers and wasted time.

Printer Ink Ribbons

For ink ribbons, you may originally want the least expensive. Ribbons from office supply stores are often less expensive; however, lower prices translate into lower quality. These ribbons come apart in the printer, shedding fibers that gradually ruin your printer.


The photo above comes from our repair department and shows an otherwise good TM-U220B printer, clogged with ribbon fibers. This printer stopped printing. The money saved on ribbons was just a down payment on a repair.

Epson ribbons have maximum durability, and this allows them to withstand extreme environments. They use a quality 5 mil nylon fabric, and the fabric welds inside are precise. The ink is tested to minimize wear.

Epson ribbons also carry an exact amount of ink for uniform and disbursed printing. Non-Epson ribbons can be made with poor-quality ink, resulting in splattering or bleeding ink and smudging.

Power Supplies

While there are many comparable power supplies available, Epson supplies stand out.

Many power supplies don’t deliver their labeled output, leading to printer outages, frequent errors and a shorter life. Thermal printers require peak power when printing at maximum speed, and Ethernet and wireless interfaces have significant power needs. Clone supplies often don’t have enough power.

In contrast, all of Epson’s power supplies are certified, thoroughly tested and upgraded frequently. Epson’s supplies are reliable and have enough headroom to power your printer and last for years.


Epson printers are known for having easy-to-use features, fast printing speeds and incredible reliability. Epson supplies have the same pedigree, and they are equally impressive.

Printer Down! But Not Defeated

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Although we would like our POS printers to live forever, it’s about as likely as floppy disks coming back. However, Epson’s receipt and kitchen printers are made to last, so it makes sense to try and keep them as long as possible.

So when a printer goes down, most retail, restaurant, and hotel owners ask themselves: What now?

Instead of throwing it off your building in frustration, try these suggestions.

Repairing is a great first idea. This is logical since many printers only have small issues, so the cost of replacement can be much higher. At Beagle Hardware, we give you a quote on the printer once you send it in. That way, you know the repair price before you pay.

Generally, if a printer is still in good condition a repair makes sense.  For example, a flat rate repair at Beagle Hardware covers shipping both ways (even expedited), any repairs done by Epson certified technicians, a diagnostic test, and a 90-day warranty. However, companies have varying repair services, so make sure you know what repair services are offered before mailing your printer.

Refurbished printers are often compared to repaired printers; however, they are different. When a printer is refurbished, technicians are fixing what is likely to break. Then, these printers are sold at a lower cost. When a printer is repaired, technicians fix what is broken.

The last option would be sending in your printer for a ‘Trade-in’ and purchasing a new printer. New printers come with better warranties and great quality, so they can be a good option. Our Trade-In program is an economic and eco-friendly way to recycle your old printers and receive a little cash too.

So the next time a printer goes down; don’t panic. You have options only a click away.

Check out www.beaglehardware.com for Trade-Ins, repairs, and refurbished or new printers.

The Sports Personalities of POS Printers

Sports and Printing

New printing technology is great. POS Printers run faster, and businesses run smoothly. However, picking the perfect printer with all this new technology can be a challenge for business owners. We hope this simplifies things.

First is the impact printer. This printer functions like a defensive lineman in football. It can take a few blows, is extremely durable, and keeps on giving. Impact printers are most often used in kitchen settings where food and heat could damage thermal printers. They have low-maintenance and low-consumable costs.

The most commonly purchased Epson model is the TM-U220B or the M188B. This printer has three different types: A, B, and D. The few differences are the TM-U220D has only a tear bar, the TM-U220A has an auto cutter and paper take up reel, and the TM-U220B simply has an auto cutter. By withstanding hot temperatures and rough environments, they have truly earned their name “Kitchen Printer”. Other impact printers are the TM-U200, the TM-U230, the TM-U295 (slip printing), and the TM-U675. Like a good defensive player, impact printers have clear intentions: print fast and print well.

Next is the thermal printer. These printers are the Michael Phelps of the printer industry. Like swimmers, they are fast and virtually silent. These printers use heat instead of ink to conserve energy and consumables, and have easy drop-in paper loading. They have high resolution images, and high speed output. High-volume retailers, hotels, and restaurants all place them near POS registers.

The high-speed favorites come from the TM-T88 (M244A, M129H, M129C, and M129B) family. The newest addition is the TM-T88V with speeds of up to 300mm/second, and 50% faster than the TM-T88IV. Ethernet, USB, and other newer interfaces are common for these printers. Cousins of these Epson thermal printers include the TM-T20 and the TM-T70. Thermal printers will keep your system flowing smoothly, and they can handle the spotlight.

Lastly is the hybrid printer. This is the tennis player, the Maria Sharapova or Rafael Nadel printer. These printers have a combination of speed and endurance. Ultimately, the combined thermal and impact components of these two printers enables them to completely satisfy bankers and retailers. The TM-H6000IV printer delivers high-speed receipt and slip printing, endorsement and advanced QuickPass™ check processing all in one multifunction printer. Like tennis players, these printers are accurate, and their 99.9% accuracy proves this by eliminating misreads and substitution errors.

You can learn more about thermal, hybrid, and impact printers at www.beaglehardware.com