The Basics of Buying a POS System

So you just opened up a new company. Or let’s say you want to revamp the style your company has already established. What allows your business to function and run? Your point of sale system, of course! That is why it is necessary to know the basics when purchasing this very important piece of equipment.

POS systems help keep inventory up to date and can even alert you when products need to be reordered. When that time comes, some systems can even tell you the price you paid on your last purchase, as well as the average price you’ve paid in the past. These systems help you keep a detailed inventory list for the past day, month, and year. Not only can they aid in the time-consuming task of taking inventory, but many systems can also help you connect better with your client by providing their purchase history on the spot. This will allow you to be able to suggest new or upgraded products for them to consider in the future.

There are three things you should look for when purchasing a new POS system: alert ability, ease of learning, and the ability to grow.  A nice feature that POS systems now offer is the ability to set alerts for items running low. Along with this, the system can even generate purchase orders to send to vendors. Secondly, you need to take into consideration the time of your employees and how long it will take them to get to know the system. It is important that the system has all of the functions that you need, but also the ease of learning, especially if your company’s turnover rate is short. Lastly, you’ll want a system that has the ability to stay up to date with technology and be able to grow with your company.

Here at Beagle Hardware, we’ve set up a Complete POS System that can take care of all of your needs! Our system includes a POS-X Touch-Monitor, a Dell Inspiron 3000 with Windows 8.1, an Epson TM-T2011 Receipt Printer, a stainless Cash Drawer, and all cables necessary to get started. All products are new with factory warranties. We also offer add on features such as uniCenta POS software, a credit card reader, a kitchen printer and much more to even further customize your order. For more details on each product, please visit